Franchise Advertising & Marketing

Make ARC 5 DEVELOPMENT Your Marketing Consultant for a Complete, Consistent Advertising Program!

Good advertising is advertising that works together. Every time a potential customer sees or hears your name they should immediately know you’re you! Every advertising outreach should have some of the same elements to tie it all together so there is immediate recognition. That’s why you want the full marketing services of ARC 5 Development! Putting together the whole package is where ARC 5 Development excels. They understand both the tried and true advertising media and they can lead you into the wired and wireless world where today’s customer lives!

The old rules still apply. A person usually has to see or hear about your company or your services at least three times before they act. They have to visit your store or use your services 3 times before they can be considered a regular or loyal customer. The difference today is that your opportunities to reach the potential customer are almost unlimited.
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